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Announcing the next D.E.E.P. Technique Seminars: 

3-day Project Workshops (Future Dates TBA)

1.  Introductory D.E.E.P. Technique: Paint  April,  Brook and Carlie.  Take home 2 complete Dolls for April and Brooke and bisque head for Carlie included in workshop fee.

Workshop Fee: $450 

This class is a prerequisite for taking the Intermediate classes.    

Note:  This class is intended to be an introduction to D.E.E.P. Technique.  It is not a beginner's class.  Any one may take this class but prior painting experience is desirable.  We have found that those with a lot of prior experience find this technique challenging and refreshingly different from what they have done in the past.  They will need to allow themselves time and practice to form new habits.

2.   Intermediate D.E.E.P. Technique:  Learn the Gaze technique, the secret to achieving a lifelike expression and realistic eyes on any doll by Dianna Effner.  Paint along with Dianna and her up to date video demonstrations.  Fee includes bisque heads for 3 dolls representing the simple gaze, shy eyes and smiling eyes.   Optional:  Bring one or 2 extras for extra practice in case there is extra timeWorkshop fee......$385

3.   Intermediate Level:  D.E.E.P. Technique  Plus:   
14 inch April Designer Doll
Learn Intermediate DEEP Technique Plus other Master Doll Maker skills including  silk dying and designing with hand made embellishments, wig restyling and more. 

Workshop Fee.... $395  including the doll, dress, wig shoes and supplies

4. Intermediate Level:  D.E.E.P. Technique Plus*
11 inch  All-porcelain doll  Little Lou and Antonia
Everything you need to know to make, paint and costume dolls, according to the DDG Standard  of Excellence* Keepsake All-Porcelain Doll:  Make, paint and dress Little Lou, one of the popular 11 inch all-porcelain collectable dolls.  Learn the fine points of producing excellent quality porcelain, assembly, costuming, wig restyling and more.  Bonus workshops:  Learn Hearty clay technique and make Little Lou's doll, Antonia and paint silk ribbon.

*Cost: $375  Including the bisque parts to make doll, wig, stand, pattern/costume kit, hearty clay doll kit  and supplies. Make the basic costume and bring to class or purchase the pre-sewn basic costume for an additional $40. Please state preference when you pay your deposit.  If you prefer to sew you own costume we will send you a pattern and kit as soon as we reserve your place in the workshop. 

6-Day Advanced 2 project workshops
Designed for those who have mastered the Gaze technique.
Includes costume design, wig craft, beading and more.

Project #1 Advanced D.E.E.P. Technique Plus: 11 inch all-porcelain Designer Doll Little Darling #1 is one half of the workshop. Make, paint and dress Little Darling #1, another of the popular all-porcelain collectable dolls. Learn the fine points of producing excellent quality porcelain, assembly, & costuming. Learn Londie Phillips' approach to costume design. Learn to make a skin wig. Learn beading technique for costume embellishment and more.

Cost: $395 Including the bisque parts to make the doll, wig material, stand, pattern and supplies. Make the basic costume and bring to class or purchase the pre-sewn basic costume for an additional $40.

Project #2 Advanced D.E.E.P. Technique Plus: Painting a Realistic Baby Learn to paint with new colors and techniques for realistic effects on a new born baby. This class requires the full 6 days to make the whole doll. You will complete one doll and apply the mohair wig with realistic applied details. Just for fun Bring a baby blanket and a Preemie outfit to class to dress your baby when finished.

Workshop fee: $475 includes the bisque and body to make one doll. If you prefer to pour your own bisque and sew your own body you can deduct $95 from the fee.

Alternate Project #2 Advanced D.E.E.P. Technique Plus: Advanced D.E.E.P. Technique: Personal Customized Portraiture Project, designed for those who would like to develop or advance the specialized skill of creating look-alike keepsake dolls. Class fee includes personal guidance from Dianna Effner before and during the class. Student will bring 2 to 3 bisque heads (14 inch or 19 inch size) and photos to paint from during the painting sessions. We can help you select the right head for the portrait. Also included will be a demo on Customizing a sculpt in the leather hard stage to achieve a likeness for future projects. This workshop will deal mainly with realistically painting from photographs, and techniques such as advanced contouring. Various wigging techniques will be considered, also.

The basic fee for the workshop is $295. If you need us to prepare the bisque for you, please call and talk to Geri for the prices.

Call or fax the studio to reserve your spot in the seminar. Space is limited to 10.
The deadline for making your selection is or whenever the class is filled.

We require a $200 deposit for all 6 days, $100 for 3 days.

The Phone number is 660 849 2424 If possible please call between 9 am and 2 pm CST
Monday through Friday. We accept either Visa or Mastercard. The fax number is 660 849 2358.

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