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Now for the first time there is a way to learn eye painting from Dianna Effner on line...

For $75 a year you can have access to Dianna's new 3 1/2 hour long realistic eye painting video, any time day or night and a whole lot more. The eye painting video features the paintable eye Huggy Bear kit. Dianna is eager to share her studio secrets and teach her painting techniques with Jo Sonjas' artist colors. She demonstrates the entire process of painting realistic eyes on baby, Huggy Bear on this video. The paints and many of the techniques are the same as Dianna uses to paint her Little Darlings. This is the very first time that Dianna has revealed her studio secrets on painting realistic eyes with these special acrylic paints.*On the Reborn Revolution Group you will have access to updates and the latest information from the Dianna's studio.

You can have all your questions answered by Dianna and other pro members of the Reborn Revolution group. You can share, blog and network with other members, up load your photos, join discussions, send messages and make friends around the world with folks who share your passion for making these beautiful babies.If you have Debbie Henshaw's DVD you will be interested in Dianna's compatible colors using the Jo Sonjas' artists' colors with

Debbies' reborning video. You will find that skin tone layering has never been so easy and enjoyable as it is with these wonderful paints. Dianna is working on a series a video demos showing mixing the compatible colors to be used with Debbie's DVD. These will also be posted on the Reborn Revolution group site.Plan's are in the works to introduce reborning on porcelain dolls with the Jo Sonja's paints as well. Now we welcome Annalisa, a new baby kit that is available with paintable eyes! Annalisa is another adorable baby that can be painted using Dianna's realistic eye painting techniques! 

*Note: If your preference is heat set or any other type of paint, Dianna's methods
and techniques can easily be adapted to the medium of your choice.

How to Join the Reborn Revolution

The first step is to join This social network is free to join. As a member of this group you can network with a large group of folks who share an interest in doll making and or costuming. You can participate with this network as much or as little as you desire. After joining the you are then able you join the Reborn Revolution Group. If you haven't joined Doll Crafters yet you will be getting an invitation to join shortly. If you want to join, just follow the links to sign up.

After you have joined the Doll Crafters group we will invite you to join the Reborn Revolution Group. That is where you can access Dianna Effner's eye painting video.If you are already a member of please let us know that you want to be invited to join the Reborn Revolution.

Send an email to or and put Reborn Revolution in the subject line. We will send an invitation to you so that you can join the Reborn Revolution group. Dianna is very excited about finally being able to communicate easily with her students and doll friends around the world.

The community we create at is going to make it all possible. Please join us soon.

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