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The Doll Dreamers' Guild

The purpose of this group is to raise the standard of artistic excellence for porcelain studio dolls in the areas of porcelain technique, painting and costuming. The way we hope to do this is by providing a forum for professional members to share their expertise with student members and apprentices. Students and apprentices may also learn from and inspire one another by sharing information and images of their work. Above all this is a community of folks who are involved in the art of porcelain doll making, designing, painting and/or costuming, a place to come together and share our passion. It is a place to ask and answer questions, offer images and information and even video tutorials to shed light on this fascinating art of porcelain studio doll creation.

The Doll Dreamers Guild is a forum and specialty on-line group for porcelain doll makers and friends to connect, discuss and learn from one another. To join the Doll Dreamers Guild you must first join the free social network,
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